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Educational Materials

These educational resources can be used to as part of initiatives to advance nurses' genomic literacy.

Healthing Op-Ed May 2024

Follow this link to an op-ed published in Healthing in May 2024 written by Drs. Nicole Letourneau and Jacqueline Limoges  Opinion: Nurses need genetics in 'their DNA' to improve patient care |

This op-ed highlights the importance and potential contributions to the Canadian healthcare system when nurses are equipped with genomic literacy. A corresponding video summarizing this article was also developed by Dr. Nicole Letourneau that is available at Genomics_Nursing (

Canadian Nursing and Genomics Educational Modules

This video was originally developed as part of a research project entitled "Developing Engagement Strategies for Genomics-informed Nursing: DESIGN Lab" funded by Athasbasca University and Memorial University of Newfoundland. Module 1 features foundational genomics terminology and three clinical vignettes of nurses integrating genomics into their practice.

Module 2 features exemplars of genomics in patient care.

Canadian Nursing and Genomics Whiteboard Videos
(produced with support from
Athabasca University)

This video introduces the importance of genomic literacy for nursing practice.

This video introduces the engagement framework which can guide leaders from all domains of nursing practice to support nurses to integrate genomics for safe, competent, and ethical care.

This video highlights areas for collaboration among nurses in all domains of practice to accelerate the adoption of genomics into Canadian nursing practice.

This video highlights areas where nurses with genomic literacy can address the social, equity and ethical issues associated with genomics.

Canadian Association of Nursing in Oncology
Collaboration and Partnerships: Forging New Opportunities for Nurses with Genomic Literacy

Click here to view presentation 

This is a PDF of a presentation provided to the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology by Lindsay Carlsson and Dr. Jacqueline Limoges of the Canadian Nursing and Genomics group. It provides an overview the role of genetics and genomics spanning the cancer care trajectory and features examples of cancer genomics clinical scenarios.

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